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Caracolillo ~ $13/ 16 oz bag
Limani ~ $13/ 16 oz bag
Geisha ~ $15/ 16 oz bag
Java ~ $13/ 16 oz bag (similar to Papua)
Peruvian Regular ~ $12/ 16 oz bag
Peruvian Dark ~ $12/ 14 oz bag
Decaf ~ $12/ 16 oz bag
Decaf Dark ~ $12/ 14 oz bag
Breakfast Blend ~ $12/ 16 oz bag
Obata ~ $13/ 14 oz bag

Obata is a very smooth cup comparable to the Catui and Geisha.

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Fine Coffees

Try our award winning coffee from Peru! Winner of the Gold Bean Award! We offer not only an excellent product, but a customer experience that can’t be beat. All our coffees are roasted to perfection in New Hampshire. Cafe Monte Alto’s fine coffees are available direct to the consumer by the pound. And you can order them right here in our secure, online store. Please make your selection below.

Shade Grown

The coffee bush thrives under canopy trees that provide not only shade for the plants but is home to over 200 species of migratory birds and monkeys. Our coffee is 100% shade grown.

Please note: due to the weight reduction in roasting dark roast coffee is sold in 14 Ounce selections. You actually get more coffee for the weight!

Shipping and Handling: We use the commercial shipping rate whenever possible. This lower shipping and handling cost will be reflected on your invoice.


“Caracolillo” is a hand selection of beans that can best be described as “Peaberry”. A very special bean with a rich, fruity flavor. We know we are one of very few roasters who can offer this product and stand alone in our pricing and freshness!

“Caracolillo” is the Spanish word for little snail and that is what the bean looks like. The full character of the bean is based on two theories. Usually a coffee cherry has two beans or seeds. One theory is that since some cherries produce only one small bean (the caracolillo) it gets more nutrients. The second theory is that these cherries usually grow on the tip of the branches thus getting more sunlight.