Featured Cafe Artist’s of the Month

Inspired by White Oak Pond

The many moods, seasons and colors of White Oak Pond in Holderness New Hampshire has been a source of inspiration for both Mimzie Uhler and Janet Kent Cocchiaro for many years. 

This month they are excited to share some of their work which has its roots in the many hours they have spent on and near the pond.  Mimzie and Janet are members of the Women’s Caucus for Art.

Mimize Uhler

A bit about Mimize…

White Oak Pond is my favorite place to paint.  Living on this wonderful small lake all summer and in January is heaven on earth to me and everything about it is possible subject matter, from its constantly changing weather to the passing kayaks, the wildlife, trees and vegetation.  I do printmaking, pen and ink and acrylics, but I always come back to watercolor because it is so portable and allows me to paint wherever I happen to be. When I am immersed in my work I feel an almost spiritual level of calm and peace, adding to my enjoyment of the process.  While I enjoy painting outdoors whenever I can, I also work from my own photographs when time is short or the weather doesn’t cooperate.  Often a momentary glimpse of a passing scene makes me want to stop and paint on the spot – so many wonderful possibilities if only time could be frozen for a while.

Janet Kent Cocchiaro

A bit about Janet…

I am a twenty year resident of Holderness New Hampshire and have lived on White Oak Pond for that time.  My inspiration comes from the beautiful natural world around us, especially my garden, the fields and woods near our house and White Oak Pond.  I am fascinated with the constantly changing colors, textures and light both on and near the pond.  My primary medium is printing with foam plates, but I have been experimenting with acrylic painting and working with pastels.  Each medium gives me a different way to express what I see, experience and feel.  

The pieces in this show are a variety of work, both abstract and representational, that have been done over the past two years.