Great Coffee

It's in our genes. As founders of Cafe Monte Alto, we are committed to bringing only the best coffee to our customers at a fair price. We represent only the finest coffees available. Premium Estate Coffee from quality plantations.

Three Generations of Excellence

Our family has been in the coffee business for three generations. We've owned plantations in Puerto Rico and South America for over 65 years and represent other premium growers in the region.

Our Heritage

In 1928 three young brothers, Emil, Herbert and Hans Mick left their native Germany and headed for South America. Looking for new opportunities, they settled in Cedropampa (near the town of Villa Rica, Peru), and started a coffee plantation in 1936. Additional families joined them in their venture. Today this premium shade plantation has captured the coveted Specialty Coffee Association of America "Gold Bean" award, and Micky Giunta, Dieter and Ingo Noche (second and third generation of the Mick Family) continue their coffee family's tradition.

Cafe Monte Alto was established in 1997 when Eddie and Micky Giunta began importing premium green coffee beans from family-owned farms in Puerto Rico and Peru to the USA. These beans are all of the Arabica Family. They are picked, processed immediately, and dried over a long period of time. The coffee is stored in pergamino and husked only days prior to shipment.

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