Featured Cafe Artist of the Month

Dave Kobrenski


“Drawing on Culture: West Africa” is the first in a series of artworks by Dave Kobrenski that explore various cultures from around the world, based on his travels and experiences in those places.

Consisting of nearly 30 new artworks — many done on location while living in small villages along the Niger River in Guinea — the series attempts to portray the character and personalities of an ancient culture living in the modern world. Each artwork contains a story: who is this person, and what life have they lived? What joys and struggles have they known? By sharing a glimpse into their lives, I hope to reveal the commonalities that connect us as human beings — and celebrate the uniqueness of these people’s particular way of expressing themselves in their own place in space.

About the Artist

Dave Kobrenski is an artist, musician, and writer, who gains his inspiration from his adventures while traveling to interesting places. Passionate about anthropology, he seeks to understand the human experience and this thing that we call culture. His explorations into the diverse cultures of the world have inspired him to make art and music about the people and places he has seen. He wrote and illustrated the book “Djoliba Crossing: Journeys into West African Music and Culture”, which chronicles his time living in West Africa, where he studied traditional music styles over the past decade and a half.

“My artwork and music are a means for me to tell stories about the diverse world in which we live. I have traveled well off the beaten path to find these stories, and I am pleased to share them with you in my projects and latest artwork. My hope is that they can add something of value or interest to what it means to be human, and alive, on this magnificent Earth.” — Dave

More about Dave’s art: http://davekobrenski.com
About Dave’s latest book: http://djolibacrossing.com