Featured Cafe Artist of the Month

Ella Mure


About the Artist

Hello my name is Ella Mure, I’m 18 and recently graduated from Holderness School at the end of the May this year. I’ve lived in Holderness for most of my life and next year I’ll be taking a gap year and traveling before I look into different colleges. This year at Holderness I took AP studio arts where I got to develop my style and pull inspiration from my travels to create most of the pieces shown here.

My inspiration is mostly from nature, as I am continuously finding myself in awe and amazement of the outdoors. I marvel at the colors and composition of the sky and its reflections. My goal was to capture changing colors and shifting scenes in a still moment while still showing movement and evoking feeling. I find joy in this task and feel a greater sense of appreciation for the immense detail and complexity of the beauty in nature.

I also took an art history class this year where I was amazed by the work of impressionists and post impressionists, whose style I try to incorporate in my art. A lot of my pieces aren’t a recreation of any photo or specific place but just a combination of colors and sights I’ve collected in my memory. To me making art is simply fun and I really enjoy just being able to let my imagination and inspiration lose on board or canvas and see what the final product turns out to be. I hope you all enjoy it.